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        Manuals are now found on each of the kits’ respective webpage. Scroll down to find the pdf viewer. To use hyperlinks within the manuals, please download the manual using the pdf viewer.

        Sensor Array
        RGB Matrix

        A slightly condensed, white background version for printing can also be found on each page, but I’ll put them here as well:

        Motherboard Printable
        Digitiser Printable
        Sensor Array Printable
        RGB Matrix Printable

        Coding scripts for the manuals are in the Coding Corner:

        Working device scripts are also in the Coding Corner:

        If you find any errors in the manuals, please report them here:

        Many thanks!


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          When will the manuals be updated to reflect the items identified so far? It looks like many of the errors were pointed out towards the latter part of February, so I am curious before I start printing these out for my son. Thanks!

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              Hi Rob,

              I have checked through the mistakes highlighted in the forums and it looks like I missed the tilde mistake in the Motherboard Manual. I also added another reference to my error on the Sensor Array PCB in its manual on page 9 for good measure. If you spot anything else, please let me know.

              Regarding printing the manuals: I designed the manuals to be viewed on a tablet, laptop or computer screen for a few reasons; So that I could easily update them, save trees, and give the user the ability to zoom in on the intricate details. Because they are designed for screens, I have used a black background to save screen energy consumption. I wouldn’t recommend printing the manuals in their current format as your black ink levels will suffer.

              I have made a more printer-friendly version of the Motherboard manual. It isn’t the prettiest, but it may fit the bill. I have omitted the component index to make it cheaper to print (and easier to convert). You can download this version here. I recommend stretching to fit and printing 1 page per A4. If you think that’s a sufficient compromise, I’d be happy to convert the rest today or tomorrow.

              If there is anything else, please let me know.

              Happy Holidays,



              EDIT: All manuals have been converted to a printable format. See above for links.

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