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      Please let me know of any mistakes I’ve made in the Manuals. I can then fix them and reupload the manual. Thank You!

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      Gues I posted the following in the wrong forum.

      Revision to the Digitiser Manual. On page 47 showing the seven segment displays, the right side diagram shows a common cathode and also segment cathodes. Is this correct? I would expect the segments to anodes. Please correct me if I am wrong.


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        Hi Rich, you are right, thanks for spotting that. The right-hand diagram should read segment anodes and the left diagram should have a + instead of – on the common anodes. Also, the LED symbol for the Decimal Point on the right-hand diagram of page 46 (the common cathode type display) is the wrong way round.

        I will change these in the next update. Sorry for any confusion!

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      On page 20 of the motherboard manual, the resistors are listed R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6, R4. The last one should be R7 I think.

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        Hi David, Yep you’re right! I’ll change that in the next update. Thanks for letting me know!

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      On the flyer that comes with the sensor array I think C8 is missing in the bill of materials.

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        Hi Lars, yes, you are right. That should be a 47pF ceramic cap. Thanks for noticing! Sorry for any confusion!

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      Motherboard Manual. Page 10/54 BOM. D2,D3 Datasheet link is wrong

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        Correct! That’s not a cap! Sorry about that. I will update this in the next version. Thank you!

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      There is a broken link in the Motherboard Manual on page 28, last paragraph of the page “HERE”:

      Now you can get programming! Read are
      quick coding guide in for this board. Download some of our example sketches from
      HERE or find a tutorial online and follow it.
      There are plenty of Youtubers with great tutorials. Lots of written tutorials online as well.
      Check out Instructables, the Arduino website
      and others.

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      Downloaded the Sensor Array manual and built the board. When connecting it to the MB for testing I noticed that the labeling for the contacts differs on the printed board from the manual. Specifically, between the last DHT and the first MIC. The Board is labeled CLK, Dout, Din, CS where the manual images are labeled CS, Din, Dout, CLK.


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        Hi Vince, you are quite right. The SD card connections are labelled in reverse order. A silly error on my part. I did mention it on page 5 of the manual. I will look at putting the information in multiple locations to avoid confusion. Thanks!

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      Motherboard, Circuit – Digital and Analog IO: “Check for the tilde symbol (wavy line) underneath its label on the board”

      The image in the manual, the board and the print layout of the board show a simple, straight, underline.

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