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        So I decide to make the clock project upside down to accommodate vertical boards.

        Here are some images of the project:

        Note that a took the FTDI module and bent the leads to allow the two boards to be placed next to each other. I made the 5v adapter and used breadboard wires for board to board connection.

        The code was added haphazardly. I changed the code as needed, but did not document the changes in the code itself.


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          Great work getting this up and running and with the code modifications. I can’t see the code because you need to give permission, but I’m interested in seeing the modifications to flip the display. Pairing this with a gyroscope sensor to orient the display depending on the orientation of the device would be cool.

          To avoid having to flip it, I would recommend 18-20AWG wire (20 being easier). You can cut it the exact length and it fits in the grooves in the PCB and flat on the table, but you can also make them extra long then tuck the excess between the boards (which is much less fiddly). Lots of ways to skin this cat though.

          Here’s how I build them without a case:

          Short Circuits - wiring example

          Short Circuits - Caseless Stack

          Thanks for sharing Udenk! Much appreciated. Also, if you want to have another go (or three) at the USB socket after I post a video showing the easiest way to do it, then let me know. I’ll send a few in the post for you.

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            The images should be accessible to all

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                I updated them with the links in the email you sent. Hope you don’t mind.

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                The file wasn’t actually meant to be viewed. It is an Arduino file. Download and open in the app.

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                    I have access now, thanks!

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                    This was just a temporary solution. I was waiting for the other two modules and the case I ordered to finish permanent wiring. Besides, it was a fun exercise in programming.

                    No idea what you had to modify to get the links to work. They showed up on my wife’s phone when I tested it.

                    How does one add an image directly like you did to a post. This would alleviate the links.

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                        I uploaded the image to my website, so you would have to upload it to a host that gives you a URL. I then click the IMG button when writing the post (see image) and paste the URL in.

                        adding an image to bbpress


                        testing your image links using this method:

                        Udenks image link

                        Looks like that link doesn’t work, so it will have to be hosted on an image hosting site. A quick search came up with this example:

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                        I just reversed the motherboard:


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