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        Is there a plan to put the manuals in a central location so I don’t need to dig them out of my email? Also when are the second two manuals set to be released.


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            The link in my e-mail for the manuals is broken… can anyone tell me where I can get them?

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                Oops, I found it in another email… but I agree with Akrova it should be easier to locate, I think.

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                Hi all, yes there is probably a much better way of distributing the manuals.

                I was torn between putting them in a public place for everyone to see, or having them restricted so only those with the kits have access. If you buy the kits through the website, the links would be on your account page, but I hadn’t found a workaround for Kickstarter backers.

                To be honest, I will just put them on the relevant board pages and just let everyone take a look. They were a lot of work and I suppose I felt somewhat protective over them.

                Here are the current links:


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                    For the Kickstarter backers could you use a voucher code so they can purchase the manuals on the site FOC and have them show in their account that way?

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                    I figured you were trying to keep it kind of private, I didn’t mean to persuade you to go against that or anything… but just letting people see the manual could alternatively get them excited about the product and could make people want to get it? Could work either way I suppose… just wanted to say you’re doing an awesome job, really monumental work.

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                    Ben Wood

                      Any chance of making the backgrounds white?

                      Fancied printing this off as prefer printed form to utilising a tablet

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                          Hi Ben, I’ll be finishing the Sensor Array and RGB Matrix manuals in the next few weeks. After that, I will convert them all to printable versions. They will take a few days each to convert, so I thought I’d prioritse the other manuals first.

                          Kind regards,


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                            Ben Wood

                              Thanks would appreciate that ( as would my black ink cartridge )

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