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        I think it would be great to have a way to connect the sensor array to a home automation system like Home Assistant or Domoticz. I am not sure what would be required for that to become a reality, but I’m thinking it would probably require only one additional board: a connectivity board (including fe. an 802.11a/b/g/n chip and an ethernet port). When we can have some logic running on the mainboard pushing data to a home automation system using the connectivity board that would be really nice!

        I don’t know if it would already be possible with the current 4 boards…

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          Great suggestion. It could be possible over Bluetooth with the Motherboard, but WiFi would be more reliable and probably has a lot more support already. I’ve seen arduinos communicate with Home Assistant on a Pi via USB, so that would be possible out of the box.

          I’m planning to release a Motherboard v2/v3 with a drop in esp module with onboard wifi instead of the Atmega chip. That would definitely make things a little easier.

          Anyone else with some ideas on making this work?

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