Saber Card


A credit card sized mini-kit that teaches surface mount soldering, Featuring a 555 timer chip and a decade counter chip that work together to light each LED sequentially.

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The Saber Card is a credit card sized mini-kit that teaches you how to solder tiny surface mount components with a soldering iron (rather than with a reflow heat gun or hot plate). These skills will help when trying to fix electronics with surface mount components (mobile phones, games consoles, TV etc.).

When built, the 555 timer chip sends a regular clock pulse to the decade counter, which lights up each LED sequentially. The clock pulse from the 555 timer can be adjusted by changing the value of one of the resistors or one of the capacitors.

A kit to introduce you to Short Circuits.

Click here to see the video tutorial and manual.

Includes free shipping to the UK.

(3D printed stand not included)

Additional information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 cm


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