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    Hi Joshua,

    Thanks for the kind words, it means a lot. Unfortunately, I have been struggling to find the motivation to finish the next 4 kits. The boards are 95% complete but the documentation is at 0% which is a daunting mountain to climb. Since the last Kickstarter, I’ve only been selling a kit every few months and as such I’ve had to get a teaching job to pay the bills. This is probably due in part to my marketing game being abysmal!

    I will continue to work towards another Kickstarter, and I have a few things to try marketing-wise (converting the manuals to a series of web pages to help drive traffic for example). So, Hopefully, within the next few months, I’ll have some finished designs to show you and a Kickstarter should follow. When I have something concrete I will send out a mail to those on the mailing list and stick something on the homepage.

    Thanks again for your interest in my work Joshua.

    Kind regards,