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    Thanks for featuring the kits on your channel Tony! I will sit and watch that when I have some time, and make some notes for improvements.

    I decided to go from easiest to hardest with soldering order. This was to give the best chance of success for the harder parts (for those with little experience). Using Sticky tack to hold things in place works well for me. Then reseating with a push and a touch of the iron where necessary. I think I discussed this in the Motherboard manual and suggested the two ways to do it and for you to make the final decision. I’ll try and make that clearer in the next manual update. Thanks for pointing it out.

    The clear LEDs… Yes, this was a balance between aesthetics and ease of use. I chose aesthetics and hoped that having to figure out which one was which would be a learning experience. Clearly, I need to support this decision with a bit more guidance and maybe a diagram or two. This will be in the next update.

    Thanks for all the feedback!