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    Hi BarcodeUK,

    Sorry, it’s taken me a while to respond. I’ve copied the equipment list and some links I posted in one of my updates to the forum ( These are not recommendations, as I haven’t used them myself. They are a guide to what kind of thing you should be looking at. I would suggest watching some of the EEVBlog videos on youtube for recommendations from Dave for specific recommendations and reasoning behind them. I would like to add things like equipment and consumables to the store, but unfortunately, I’m spinning enough plates at the moment. It may be something I do in the future.

    I will have the kits to you by Christmas, hopefully with enough time for you to get stuck in. I wonder how these kits compare to the ones you use to enjoy, especially when it comes to the instructions. Would be great to get your perspective after you’ve built them.

    Stripboard/protoboard/perfboard would be great for learning on. I’d recommend buying some resistors, capacitors and transistors to practice with, as they are pennies each.

    Thanks for joining the community!