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      If you have any questions or need a helping hand with your DIGITISER kit, this is the place to be.

      Post your question here and either I or someone in the community will help you out.

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      The Digester parts I got included what looks like 4 white LEDs. Were these supposed to be colored like it says in the parts list?

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      NVM. Seems the color has nothing to do with the outside of the LED. I’ll check them later to see it they are OK. If they are OK, I won’t reply here.

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      Working on the digitiser and is anyone else missing a 2K resistor? I was doing a check and that one was missing.


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        Hi Kevin, sorry to hear that! If you are missing a resistor can I ask that you replace it via Ebay and I can refund you the cost? That would take a lot less time than me sending some over. Happy to do either though. Let me know how you want to proceed. Sorry again!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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