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    Sorry you’re having trouble! The manuals (found on each kit’s page) should cover most things, but it may not be obvious if you haven’t dabbled before. Here is the general workflow:

    1. Learn about the circuitry in the first section of each manual. (Optional, can be done at any stage)

    2. Assemble the kits by following the assembly instructions in the second section of each manual.

    3. Run through the “Testing for Faults” section

    4. Connect the kits you are using (See “Project Ideas” section of the manuals)

    5. Read the programming section of the Motherboard manual (p28) to become familiar with uploading code

    6. Follow the coding tutorials in each manual to become familiar with the code. Or, just upload the digital clock sketch (from HERE) and admire your handiwork! (Make sure the physical wired connections match the first part of the code where the variables are defined).

    I would be happy to jump on a video call with you both to make sure you’re heading in the right direction. The Kits are supposed to be quite “hand-holdy”, so if they are falling short, I’d love to know how I can improve the delivery. Send me an email ( if you want to arrange a chat via phone or skype/teams/zoom. I’m free most afternoons/evenings.

    Kind regards,